I have been studying marketing for the last two years and I also wanted to do placement in firm. My goal was to get placement in marketing firm before I get into my second year of university. I did countless application online but didn’t receive response, I recently connected with Garry Kousolou about social media internship and he recommended to come to his Loving Social Media enterprises workshop in Enfield, because I express my interest in digital marketing and the power of social media.

When I arrive to the workshop Garry and Thegz, started with an ice breaker for everyone to introduce themselves and the industry they in, However everyone shared the same reason on attending the workshop to learn how effective the use of social media to gain exposure. I have personal accounts on the different platforms on social media, however I have never understood the uses of using it for business.

Garry and Thegz explain the power of social media in simplest and creative way for everyone to understand the concept on how to use social media, especially with Twitter and Facebook, I have gain knowledge of the following concept Benefits of platform, digital landscape and How to build a website, I understand the use of when to post an image or video on the different platform and what affect it will have when targeting my followers. Garry and Thegz gave me chance to shoot a video and edited it, giving me full creative control.


Garry has given me the chance to invest in me, by inviting me to his workshop and giving me a trail in his social media internship, Garry has allowed me EXECUTE my goal, to work in marketing firm, and the help of Thegz will allow me to further my knowledge. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn about social media to please attend this workshop, because if you don’t then you’re truly missing out.

social media enfield

social media enfield

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